01) First aid is…
a) Temporary and immediate care given to the victim
b) Permanent care given to victim
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Neither (a) nor (B)
Ans. A

02) Which of these is most likely to be a result of handling an overloaded electrical socket ?

a) Frostbite
b) Asbestosis
c) Asphyxiation
d) Electric shock
Ans. D

03) Which of these is most likely to cause an accident in a workplace ?

a) Administration
b) Manual handling
c) Adequate lighting
d) Excessive noise
Ans. B

04) Which of the following precautions is/are necessary in electrical work ?
a) The equipments should be earthed properly
b) Cable should be completely insulated
c) Cable should have any joints
d) Both (a) & (b)
Ans. D

05) Handy fire extinguishers kept in chemical plants are containing….
a) Dry chemical powder
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Either (a) or (b)
d) Foam
Ans. A

06) Dry pipe fire extinguisher contains….
a) N2
b) H2O
c) CO2
d) None of above
Ans. C

07) Fire can be defined as…
a) Release of light
b) Self propagating reaction of combustible material with O2 from air
c) Release of energy
d) None of above
Ans. B

08) Fire is a combination of….
a) Fuel, light and oxygen
b) Fuel, heat and oxygen
c) Fuel, heat and carbon dioxide
d) Fuel, light and nitrogen
Ans. B

09) In case of an accident, the victim should immideatly be…
a) Asked to take rest
b) Enquired about the accident
c) Attended to
d) Left to himself without treatment
Ans. C

10) The safe way of working is……
a) An effective and right way of working
b) An ancient way of working
c) A way of handling the work in a hurry
d) A way of normal working
Ans. A

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